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first post in a while
So, this week has been rough. I don't really know why but I've been really down. I have this meeting tomorrow, well an initiation =), and we can invite our friends and family to come and i have no one to invite. I'm afraid that if it's anything like graduation and people clap when your name is called, that when my name is called that its going to be dead silent. Do you know how awkward that would be? I mean i go to this huge school and yet i'm all alone. I've been thinking about this a lot lately and i realized that the reason that it's hard for me to make friends is because i've never had to. i've always had someone/something do it for me. i mean either being in a sport or having a friend from a sport i was in just introduce me to their friends was how i always made my friends. now i don't have a sport or anyone and i don't know how to make friends. i've tried talking to people but they just look at me like i have 2 heads or whatever. idk, i really hate being alone, more than anything, and yet i'm alone ALL the time. i don't know what to do. any suggestions?


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